Sex Tips For Women

Sex Tips For Women

Sex Tips For Women – 3 Ways to Bring a Man to Orgasm Every Time Č There are a few ways to sexually satisfy a man. These are:

1.adequate foreplay2. Excellent sexual stamina3. Communication (or the lack thereof)

The first two apply to most women and can be overlooked. Sex Tips For Women

Of the three, communication is the most important. A man is very turned on by verbal stimulation. So the best way to learn something new is to ask (more properly whisper) something he doesn’t expect you to know. Has he ever had sex with someone else? If not, ask. Then after you ask he can tell you more about it. The second question should be in the future tense. He will tell you how he would love to fix that problem. How do you fix it? By giving him new stimulation. PEPEE 페페 젤

If you mention the word “orgasm” at this point, he’s not going to know what it means. Or maybe he does know and it’s not something he wants to talk about. Can you explain what orgasm is? Does it have some special significance for him? Again, ask and he will respond. Sometimes the best sex advice is simple “just let him know what feels good”. That’s all he wants to hear.

Most men are very appreciative of the clitoris and will be more apt to pay attention to that part of the female anatomy. For most men, the only thing he wants is to reach the big “O” and keep it that way. He doesn’t care much about his partner having a release. But if you work your way past the clitoris and directly to the g-spot, things change. The angle of thrusting will be different. The depth will be different. The positioning of your legs will be different. So be sure to ask him how he likes it and what positions he likes best.

2. Can he understand a thing or two about your body?

How can you expect the man you seduced to understand what you like if he has never even seen your body? Human beings vary in shape and in size. The key is to understand what his own body is like. He knows that he likes a certain position even though he may have never tried it, yet if he thinks about it, he can surely find out how to help you attain that position.

3. Will he become jealous when you two are having sex?

This is a possibility. Women can be jealous of two things: the length of time a man can last and quality of his orgasm. The longer he can last, the more satisfying the sex is for both parties. If he understands that he can have more than one orgasm, then he can jealous if you are better than he can ever give you.

To sum it up:

Know that you are important to your man and let him know that every thing you have to offer is just a bonus. Know that your man is just a piece of meat and that there isn’t anything more to you than just sitting down on his cock and then having great sex. Once you can open up these feelings to your man, you will see that he will increase in eagerness to please you anytime you want it.

To obtain a happy sex life with your partner, you should talk it out first instead of just observing how he reacts to certain situations. You should know what your overall liked sexual activities to be, what you don’t like and what turns you on. This will enable you to know what he likes to hear and what he doesn’t like.

Of course, the information you get from books or films isAlways a good source, but its good to know what you can do to drive your man wild and to give him the best orgasms ever so that he will be eager to please you anytime you both decide to.

Do you know that there are 4 main types of orgasms? Hear about them and how to go about inducing them to give your partner mind blowing orgasms? Learn from the internet’s best porn stars who offer sex advice to fellow men just like you. Check out their websites and you can have the informationasked by just about any man you want. If you take time to get to know him, it will be a more intimate and romantic relationship that will lead to better sex and better orgasms.

There are many other types of orgasms such as multiple orgasms, vaginal orgasms, ejaculatory orgasms, blended orgasms and the list goes on and on. By knowing what he likes and what he doesn’t, combined with the information you get from your man, you can now please him better than any other woman he has ever been with.

When changing sex positions, try to write the letters of the alphabet with your index and pointer finger. Rub the clitoris as you are doing so. Sex Tips For Women